About Buildable

Buildable is a development firm of conscious-created residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. Since its inception, Buildable has committed to environmentally-focused, quality and sustainable buildings that make a positive impact on their surrounding environment and, by extension, on the people who live there.

About PeTER Checa

Peter Checa is an entrepreneur, speaker, and visionary real estate developer. As founder and CEO of Buildable, Peter has applied Yourable Group concepts to the building of over 25 conscious-created projects.

A member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and SUMe, an organization encouraging sustainability efforts in Mexico, Peter has committed his time to inspiring awareness in business. He holds a bachelors in business administration, a masters in sustainable construction, recently completed the Owner/President Management program at Harvard University and is currently pursuing a certification in Green Professional Building Skills Training (GPRO) from the University of Miami